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Sunday, October 03, 2004
Death For The First

   Mia lay in the blood red casket and stare at the ceiling.   Her life had ended... she noted. A quote popped into her head. "Forget not the terrors of one's life after the passage. If one does, one will not be ready for the pain of the second reality."
   Nightvision, she must've had, because it was impossible for any other person to see the beetles sprout from the cresents in the tomb.   Or maybe because I'm dead.   As she thought, the insects crept towards her skin.   She couldn't brush them away. She was paralyzed and wishing life didn't help.   She could feel maggots pricking her skin.   Suddenly, a voice called to her. "Miaa..... I can give you life"
   The cracked whisper inched up her spine.   Give me life.   Mia's body trembled and the casket's top popped off.   A blunt sound was heard as her skin ripped and plump fleshed revealed underneath.   Mia groaned as she lifted herself out of the casket.   The bright morning sun danced in the horizon.
Her old body lay in the casket, still.   She brushed off her shoulders as if brushing the thoughts of the past away.   "Mia.... you must return my favor."  the hoarse voice  licked her skin once again.   "Thank-you, but I never agreed to return a favor." Mia quickly replied.   A harsh gust of wind blew.   "Please..... you gave me life, I shall return the favor." Mia whispered.   Her blonde hair  enveloped her face.
   For the first time, the silent voice spoke aloud.   "You must kill Reintapka"
   The thought of killing someone did not put Mia at ease... but against the thought of being dead once more, she agreed.   Mia soon found walking a difficult proccess.   Her feet dragged across the soft Earth and she kept stumbling over tombstones.   Being naked didn't help, either.
   She lay down on a large boulder and wept.  She remembered what had happened, why she died in the first place.  
   Her full name was Pulcher Flumen Fucus.   She was named by Queen.

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The History of The Queen

The Queen of Greece

She named "Mia"  Pulcher Flumen Fucus because it meant Beautiful Flowing Red.   Blood was Queen Cruentus Exsanguis  favorite appetizer.   The peasants feared her, for her taste could become invincible.   Anything and anyone she desired was claimed in her name.   Cruentus itself meant blood-thirsty in the words of Latin.   The Queen did not only enjoy bloodshed.... she also loved the many flavors of blood.

She was a Vampire of Darkness.   Her eyes shone red because of her quickly growing feed of blood.
As blood thirsty as she was, she had not one drop in her.   Vampires could not have blood inside of them... there was no reason for that. They could only drink it... and as quickly as they bit, it was digested.

The Queen was not considered alive.   She was more of death.   After her thirtieth year of walking among the living, she was stabbed in the bosom by her foreshadowed victim...  Rientapka.

Posted at 10:19 pm by Strangergirl
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